About Us

About Us History:
          M'salem School Complex was founded in September, 2005.The school is located at new saduase off the Dodowa-Oyibi road. The idea of the establishment of this illustrious school was to train and educate young minds to acquire good and quality education for children in the community and its environment. This will equip them well to face the future.
            In God We Trust is the motto chosen for the school since that was what inspired us to strive forward and it has being our inspiration till now. though there were lots of challenges the school faced but with determination and hard work the lord sought us through.
           Mercy's peaceful home (M'Salem) commenced with one pupil (Millicent Narh).The number increased to three after a term and it kept increasing gradually; so after a year of existence, the first tutor named Madam Janet Adziah was employed. Hitherto, it was the proprietress with the help of one lady called Miss Abigail Boamah who were actively involved in the daily activities.

Our Vision

          M'salem School Complex seeks to become a highly progressive institution with academical excellence and for all kids enrolled here to be part of the G.E.S educational curriculum and to train the children in the fear of God and also show them love and care.
         At M'salem school complex you are assured of; Excellent tuition, Quality teachers, Academic excellence, Instilling discipline in your ward.
        The safety and health concern of the children is our priority.

        The school has introduced various clubs in the school to reveal the hidden talents of the children including; the Cadet Corp and Brass Band, Zoom kids, the pulpit, the school choir and the cultural club. We can also boast of winning various awards during the past years; such as the ultimate prize for the UCMAS zonal competition, cadet corp. and brass band competition which we placed 2nd and during the 6th march, 2014 parade, we placed 3rd and many more. 
        The aims and objectives are to sharpen the personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul equipped with current skills where aptitude is required for academic excellence.
This is how far the lord has brought us and since the sky is our limit we are determined to work harder to achieve much result than before.
Long Live Ghana, Long Live M'salem.